Dispatch Update – We are keeping this page updated with how we are progressing with sending orders…… Yes we are delayed but we are working as hard as we can to send orders out to you. Thank you. This is the current situation

6th August – sent out orders up to 31st July
10th August – sending 1st, 2nd and possibly 3rd August
11th August – sending up to 6th August

Please note that these are estimates and we update this page every day with real-time progress


Tuesday 28/7/2020

For the first time since lock down, we are now on top of our dispatch. By this time next week we will be back to a normal 5-7 day turn around. We really can’t thank you all enough for your patience during these difficult times.  We are so thankful that we were able to continue our business and although it has been tough we have got through it with the help of our amazing staff. It has been sad not seeing customers but it has really helped to get lovely phone calls and emails to say how please people have been with their purchases. We may open the nursery to the public again soon and we will update the website with our plans when we have finalised them.


Monday 6/7/2020
Despite running out of packaging today, our main driver Mick drove a 3 hour round trip to the factory to pick up more. The manufacturer is also extremely busy so we thank them for making our boxes so quickly!

Tuesday 16/6/2020

We are still sending orders out from the 25th May. This was a very busy day for us but after this, we will be into June orders very quickly!

Sunday 31/5/2020

Apologies but the website won’t be back up until the evening of Monday 1st.
It requires some maintenance before going live again.

Friday 29/5/2020

We are still working every day on online orders. Bank holiday saw our busiest day since lock down begun but we are managing very well. Yes, there are still delays but we are always here to give help and answer you queries. Please note that to maximize our efficiency, we have had to ‘put the answer phone on’ between 8am and 4pm every day. We don’t have permanent member of staff in the office. Instead, we can take your calls between 4 and 6pm and we are emailing into the late hours.

Monday 4/5/2020

Just a quick note to say thank you. Although we have been in business for well over 30 years, we have had to quickly adapt to this ‘new’ life and we have learnt a lot from this experience and we feel more prepared than ever to take us though the rest of this season and into next year. We don’t feel as though we will have these delays again.

Saturday 2/5/2020

New stock list updated -you may need to refresh your browser / clear search history to show

Monday 27/4/2020

We are sorry, but the stock online didn’t last very long! Thank you for your purchases. We are now closed again to online and email/telephone/post orders for a bit We need to catch up with dispatch and also catch up with production. We DON’T buy plants in and grow everything here.

Many thanks

Saturday 25/4/2020

Website back online and stock list updated.

Monday 20/4/2020

Introduced dispatch updates (see above). Once again, stock is low on the website – Thank you for buying. We shall update the website ASAP.

Saturday 18/4/2020

A new stock list went live last night. Like nearly every other online business, we are experiencing delays but we are now getting used to this way of life with social distancing and the constant cleaning etc so we hope to reduce the delay very soon. Thank you for your patience!

Saturday 11/4/2020

Yes, we are getting low in stock online again but we do have lots of stock on the nursery growing on. We will put more on here soon! Thank you for your support!

Thursday 9/4/2020

We feel so lucky to be trading at this dreadful time but it has given us some difficulties

As soon as lockdown was announced, we were hit with a huge quantity of orders. Although very happy with this, it came at a time when some staff had already chosen not to come in as they have elderly relatives or small children to look after. We also must deal with the normal everyday running of the business, such as growing plants (as we don’t buy them in), seed sowing, cuttings and watering. What’s more is that without bulk wholesale deliveries going out, finding space for pricking out plants was a challenge. We are also spending over an hour a day cleaning trolleys, pens, scissors, tape guns, taps, hose lances, watering cans, door handles and anything else to create a clean working environment. We have had to build a makeshift packing area as two people can’t share the existing space. This all may sound like excuses, but we honestly could not work any harder and the staff here have been brilliant. It can take between 5 and 25 minutes to get one order up, sorted, labelled, watered, and packed so with 4 times the quantity of orders it is difficult. We did consider shutting the website down at one point (as other businesses have) but we thought we would hope that our customers would not mind waiting that little extra time. We need to keep orders coming in to support our staff and we hope that this pandemic will not put any financial strain to our business as of course, there is currently no help for horticulture! There is no Easter rest for us and we will continue spending all available light to get plants up and ready to pack next week.

Tuesday 7/4/2020

New stock list will be live on Thursday. Thank you so much for being patience with us. The website isn’t a true reflection of stock (we have thousands of plants ready) but it takes 2-3 hours to carry out a full stock check and we thought it better to spend this time dispatching orders to those who have been waiting!

Friday 3/4/2020

New stock list now live. We will try our best, but it is unlikely that orders made after midnight 31/1/2020 will be dispatched before Easter. We only have 3 days of dispatch before Easter as couriers don’t deliver Good Friday. During this difficult time, we can only do what we can but we promise that our customers are our top priority and we thank you for supporting us.

Thursday 2/4/2020

Thank you once again for your patience. NEW STOCK LIST WILL BE LIVE by 6pm Friday 3rd April.
We have had a very busy week dispatching orders and we could not have worked harder. It isn’t just dispatching orders we have to do.  Tasks such as watering, moving plants, seed sowing, cuttings, pricking out plants, taking phone calls, writing emails and normal business paperwork all need to be done and with a smaller work force as usual, it has been hard. We can’t thank our staff enough! However, we can’t complain. What we have to deal with is nothing like the wonderful people who are working in the NHS and our admiration and thanks go to them. For us, we are doing what we can:

Social distancing, continuous cleaning of trolley handles, pens, scissors, tape dispensers, door handles etc. It is hard but necessary. To stay in business we must do these things to protect us and our staff. Even packing with gloves on is tricky but needed! I have lost count how many times tape had got stuck to them 🙂

Anyway, we soldier on and will endeavor to get hundreds more orders ready for dispatch on Monday.


Monday 30/3/2020

Limited online stock We need to thank all of our customers for their support. We want you all to know how grateful we are for your patience. We are working continuously to dispatch your orders but we must explain why stock is running short. We are also a wholesale nursery which would send our own vehicles out to local garden centres and farm shops etc. Since the lockdown  we have not been sending plants to such establishments. Without these bulk orders leaving, room for new plants in the tunnels is in short supply. Normally, ‘volume out = volume in’ and we would put a lot of the stock outside but the cold and strong winds of late and hard frosts have prevented us from doing so. Thousands of plants are growing on but rather than disabling the website, we are keeping it live with low stock. However, we are not ‘low in stock’ by any means -just that the plants are not quite ready to replenish the website. As many of you know, we grow naturally and once the night time temperatures have increased, we will see rapid growth. Also, it is still early in the season so some plants wouldn’t be ready yet anyway. With a limited amount of staff here (as some have school age children) and having to find separate areas for us to work and pack plants away from each other, we feel we are continuing on rather well and your wonderful comments which we have been receiving make working hard worthwhile during this dreadful time. Thanks once again for your understanding

Sunday 29/3/2020

Deliveries are going well but we are somewhat delayed. We are a small family run business with a small group of wonderful staff. Some staff have young children so they are working around them to help. Gift Packs: We have seen a surge of Gift pack orders this last week and we are doing our best to dispatch them for the required date but we can’t guarantee this at this very difficult time. Many thanks for your patience

Due to the demand for herbs, we may run out of stock of some varieties  for a bit. Don’t worry, all we need is some nice weather and the next batches will be ready!

Sunday 22/3/2020

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to temporarily close the nursery to our visiting customers.  This is out of respect to our wonderful staff who are working so hard in very difficult circumstances to keep the nursery ticking over and plants growing on until such time we can welcome you all again.  We also have ‘at risk’ family members living on site and we are doing our very best to keep everyone, including you, the public, safe.

However, unless future Government restrictions prevent it, MAIL ORDER and local WHOLESALE WILL CONTINUE and please watch this space for ideas on other ways you can obtain our plants if you live locally and were planning on visiting soon.

Thank you, everyone, for your support.  Stay well, be vigilant and enjoy your gardens.