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Herb Pot Collection (15 pack)


Herb Pot Collection (15 pack)

15 plant Herb Pot Collection

Size: 15 herbs – £32 including delivery*
(*see exclusions)

15 plant Herb Pot Collection is the ideal collection for those who wish to have an array of wonderful herbs in tubs or pots. The Terracotta pot shown in the photo isn’t included with the pack but can be purchased separately from our nursery or from the maker (our cousin!)

Gift pack contains: Potted herbs, our latest catalogue and a gift card


Plants will be chosen from the following contents:

Lavenders, Sage, Prostrate Rosemary, Thymes, Chives
Oreganos, Marjorams, Heartsease, Creeping Savory, Wild Strawberry
Variegated Calamint, Parsely, Catmint, Double Chamomile, Dwarf Curry Plant


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Product Description

If 2 or more collections are ordered, the website will automatically reduce the delivery costs so you won’t be charged double for delivery! We will also keep packaging to a minimum. For example, if 3 x 3 herb packs are ordered, you will receive them together in one box.
To order collections to send to multiple addresses, please complete the order process for each address.

Additional information

Weight7.5 kg
Gift Pack

Herb Pot

Gift Pack Size

15 plant pack

Gift Pack Price

£26 and above


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