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Herbs raised from seed – 80p*
Herbs raised from cuttings – 85p*
Salvias – 99p (These are listed on the order form as ‘Salvia….’ and not ‘Sage….’)
Scented Pelargoniums = 1.09p
Small Kitchen Bay Trees = £ TBA

*Symbols to show if the herbs are raised from cuttings or seed are on the front of labels.

Discounts of 2% orders over 22 Trays


x  Agrimony
x Alecost (Costmary)
x Allium Quattro
x Aloe Vera
Alpine Strawberry
x Angelica
x Anise Hyssop
x Arnica, North American
x Artemisia Powis Castle
x Artichoke, Globe
x Aztec Sweet Herb
x Balm, Lemon
x Balm, Lemon Variegated
x Balm, Golden
x Balm of Gilead
x Basil, African
x Basil, Bush
x Basil, Cinnamon
x Basil, Greek
x Basil, Lemon
x Basil, Lettuce Leaf (Neopolitana)
x Basil, Lime
x Basil, Pesto Perpetuo (Variegated)
x Basil, Purple (Red Shiraz)
x Basil, Spice
x Basil, Sweet
x Basil, Sweet Nufar (Large Leaved Sweet)
x Basil, Thai
x Mixed Basils
x Kitchen Bay 10cm £2.28
x Bedstraw, Ladies
x Bennet, Herb
x Bergamot, Red
x Borage
x Borage (White)
x Bugle (Bronze)
x Burnet, Salad
x Calamint, Lesser
x Calamint, Variegated
x Caraway
x Catmint 6 Hills Giant
x Catnep, Lemon Scented
x Celery Leaf
x Chamomile, Double
x Chamomile, Dyers
x Chamomile, Roman
Chamomile, Treneague
x Chicory
Chives, Garlic
x Cicely, Sweet
x Comfrey
x Comfrey, Russian
x Coriander, Vietnamese
x Cotton Lavender
x Cotton Lavender, Edward Bowles
x Cotton Lavender Lambrook Silver
x Cotton Lavender Lemon Fizz
x Cotton Lavender Lemon Queen
x Cotton Lavender Viridis
x Cowslip
Curry Plant
x Curry Plant, Dartington
x Curry Plant Dwarf
x Dill
x Elecampane
x Dittander
x Echinacea
x Evening Primrose
Fennel, Bronze
x Fennel, Florence
Fennel, Green
x Feverfew, Golden
x Feverfew Wild
x Flax, Perennial
x Foxglove
x Garlic, Wild (Ransoms)
Germander, Hedge (94p)
x Germander, Wall
x Goats Rue
x Good King Henry
x Heartsease
x Heartsease Black (Sawyers)
x Heliotrope
x Herb Robert
x Horehound
x Horseradish
x  Hyssop
x  Hyssop, Pink
x Hyssop. Rock
Hyssop, White
x Jacob's Ladder
x Lavender, Edelweiss (White)
x Lavender French, Bee Brilliant
x Lavender French, Bella Pink
x Lavender, French 'Kew Red'
x Lavender French, Lusi Pink
x Lavender French, Madrid Blue
x Lavender French 'Boysenberry Ruffles'
x Lavender French, Madrid White
x Lavender, Fringed
x Lavender, Grosso
x Lavender, Hidcote
x Lavender, Imperial Gem
x Lavender, Lullingstone Castle
x Lavender, Melissa Lilac
x Lavender, Munstead
x Lavender, Old English
x Lavender, Pinnata
x Lavender, Platinum Blonde
x Lavender, Rosea
x Lavender, Seal
Lavender, Silver Sandsx
Lavender, Vera
x Lemon Grass
x Lemon Verbena
x Lovage
x Mace, English
x Mallow, Musk
x Marigold, Pot
Marjoram, Compact
Marjoram, Golden
Marjoram, Golden 'Acorn Bank'
x Marjoram, Golden Curled
x Marjoram, Gold Tipped
x Marjoram, Pot
x Marjoram, Sweet
x Marsh Mallow
x Meadowsweet
Mint, After Eight
Mint, Apple
x Mint, Banana Mint
Mint, Basil
x Mint, Berries and Cream
x Mint, Chocolate Peppermint
x Mint, Corsican
Mint, Eau de Cologne
x Mint, Ginger
Mint, Grapefruit
x Mint, Indian
Mint, Jessica's Sweet Pear
Mint, Lemon (Hilary's Sweet)
x Mint, Lemon
x Mint, Lime
Mint, Moroccan
Mint, Orange
Mint, Peppermint Black
x Mint, Pineapple
Mint, Spearmint (Garden Mint)
Mint, Spearmint Curled
Mint, Strawberry
Mint, Swiss
x Mint, Tashkent Spearmint
Mint, Thai
x Mullein
x Myrtle
x Myrtle, Tarentina
x Myrtle, Variegated
x Nasturtium
x Nasturtium, Alaska
x Orach, Red
Oregano, Country Cream
x Oregano, Cuban
Oregano, Greek
x Oregano, 'Hot and Spicy'
x Oxeye, Daisy
Parsley Curled
Parsley, French
x Pennyroyal, Creeping
x Pennyroyal, Hart's
x Pennyroyal, Upright
x Pink, Cheddar
x Pink, Clove
x Pink, Maiden
x Poppy, Opium
x Purslane
x Purple Loosetrife
x Rocket, Salad
Rocket, Sweet
Rocket, Wild
x Rosemary
x Rosemary Arp
x Rosemary, BBQ
x Rosemary, Blue Lagoon
Rosemary, Foxtail
x Rosemary, Majorcan Pink
x Rosemary, Miss Jessop's Upright
x Rosemary, Pink
x Rosemary, Prostrate
x Rosemary, Tuscan Blue
x Rue
x Sage, Clary
x Sage, Golden
x Sage, Honey Melon
x Sage, Nazareth (silver leaved)
x Sage, Painted
x Sage, Pineapple
x Sage, Pineapple 'Golden Delicious'
x Sage, Purple
x Sage, Spanish (Lavender Leaved)
x Sage, Tangerine
x Sage Tricolour
x Salvia, Amethyst Lips
x Salvia, Blackcurrant
x Salvia, Blackcurrant 'Hot Lips'
x Salvia, Cherry Lips
x Salvia, Cherry Pie
x Salvia, Clotted Cream
x Salvia, Day Glow
x Salvia, Dyson's Joy
x Salvia, Icing Sugar
x Salvia, Jemima's Gem
x Salvia, Krystle Pink
x Salvia, La Mancha
x Salvia, Lavender Dilly Dilly
x Salvia, Lemon Pie
x Salvia, Lutea
x Salvia, Merlin's Magenta
x Salvia, Nachtvlinder
x Salvia, Peach Parfait
x Salvia, Peter Vidgeon
x Salvia, Purple Queen
x Salvia, Royal Bumble
x Salvia, Senorita Leah
x Salvia, Strawberries and Cream
x Salvia, Trebah Lilac White
x Salvia, Trelissick Creamy Yellow
x Salvia, Watermelon Sorbet
x Salvia, Wine and Roses
x Savory, Creeping
x Savory, Summer
x Savory, Winter
x Scented Geraniums (Pelargoniums)(£1.09)
x Self Heal
x Skullcap
x Shoo-Fly Plant
x Soapwort
x Sorrel, French (Buckler Leaf)
x Sorrel, Red Veined
x Southernwood
St John's Wort
x Stevia (Sugar Plant)
x  Tansy
x Tarragon, Four Seasons
Tarragon, French
x Tarragon, Russian
x Teasel
Thistle, Milk
x Thistle, Scotch (Cotton)
x  Thyme, Archers Gold
x Thyme, Bertrum Anderson
x Thyme, Bressingham Pink
x Thyme, Caborn 'Wine and Roses'
x Thyme, Camphor
x Thyme, Caraway
x Thyme, Carol Ann
x Thyme, Common (Garden Thyme)
Thyme, Common Compact
Thyme, Creeping Lemon
x Thyme, Creeping Red (Coccineus group)
x Thyme, Dillington
x Thyme, Doone Valley
Thyme, Foxley
x Thyme, Fragrant (Orange Scented)
Thyme, Golden
x Thyme, Goldstream
x Thyme, Highland Cream
Thyme, Lemon
x  Thyme, Lemonade
x Thyme, Lemon Curd
x Thyme, Lemon Variegated
x Thyme, Lilac Time
x Thyme, Minor (Minimus)
x Thyme, Peter Davis
x Thyme, Pink Chintz
x Thyme, Pink Ripple
x Thyme, Redstart
x Thyme, Rose
x Thyme, Ruby Glow
x Thyme, Russetings
x Thyme, Silver King
x Thyme, Silver (Silver Posie)
x Thyme, Silver Queen
x Thyme, Sparkling Bright
Thyme, Tabor
x  Thyme, White (Albus)
x Thyme, Woolly
x Vervain
x Valerian, Red
x Valerian, White
x Valerian
x Vipers Bugloss
x Welsh Onion
x Woad
x Woodruff, Sweet
x Wormwood
x Yarrow
x Yellow Flag
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