Chamomile Lawns

Interested in a Chamomile Lawn? – If so, help is at hand!

Chamomile plugs can be an economical and relatively quick way to grow a lawn.

Plugs are usually available only to order with a lead time of approx. 6 weeks. Occasionally, we may have small quantities ‘off the shelf’.

Dispatch times are from the end of March to the middle of June

We recommend planting at least 49 plugs m2 (7 rows of 7)

Minimum order of 50 plugs

*Deposit of 25% will be required for larger orders over 500 plugs

Number of plugs requiredPrice per plugFills area approx.Delivery Cost £
50 – 15055p1 – 3 m29
150 – 30051p3 – 6 m29
300 – 60046p6 – 12 m215
600 – 100042p12 – 20 m215
1000 +38p20 m2 +will quote