Chamomile Treneague – Plug Plants

Chamomile, Treneague – Chamaemelum nobile ‘Treneague’ is a non-flowering clone of lawn chamomile. A hardy perennial with highly aromatic feathery leaves. It has a dense leaved and creeping habit that makes it ideal for a chamomile lawn. As it is non-flowering, there is no need to cut or roll it.

Interested in a Chamomile Lawn? – If so, help is at hand!

Chamomile plugs can be an economical and relatively quick way to grow a lawn.

Plugs are usually available only to order with a lead time of approx. 6 weeks. Occasionally, we may have small quantities ‘off the shelf’ and we will inform you if we can dispatch sooner.

Dispatch times are from the April to the middle of June We recommend planting at least 49 plugs m2 (7 rows of 7). If you plan to grow on the plants a little prior to planting, you could reduce the number to 36.

Plugs are supplied in cell trays that hold 60 plugs and are available to order as trays in multiples of 60.


To order for nursery collection, please order online and we will then discount and refund the difference.