Purchase our range of 10cm potted herb plants at ex-nursery prices. Online orders incorporate a proportion of the delivery costs so if you collect from the nursery, the plants are even more reasonable!

Before you click the link below to see the varieties we grow, don’t forget that, sometimes, we may have plants available that are showing out of stock on the website. It is always worth contacting us! (view range on online shop pages)  or view more info about our herbs here

Scented Pelargoniums

Our online shop lists the large number of Scented Pelargoniums we grow. Some varieties are not always available in quantity, so may be hidden from view on the website. If there is a variety you need which is mentioned in our written brochure and not listed on the shop, let us know.

Like the herbs above, the Pelargoniums are for sale at ex-nursery prices. (view range on online shop pages)  or view more info about our Scented Pelargoniums here

Larger Herbs in 1L to 3L pots

Large herbs are becoming more and more popular. We grow many varieties across our range such as Thymes, Mints, Lavender, Salvias, Rosemarys etc.
We can, of course, grow anything to order. Availability is very seasonal but we always try to keep a good range throughout the year.

Bay Tree

A selection are available online but we can offer a greater range from the nursery. We can also obtain a wide range of sizes and shapes not usually stocked, so it is worth contacting us for anything specific. Price mentioned on the online shop pages will clearly mark the delivery costs. Bay Trees are obviously large items so if you can collect, you will save money!

Empty Terracotta

We have sadly sold out of the beautiful hand thrown terracotta and the maker has now retired. We will be offering something different very soon.

Hanging Baskets

Like the Terracotta, we can plant these up to order. We usually plant 5 herbs and 2 Pelargoniums in each basket but, of course, the decision is all yours! They are available from just £14.

Plug Plants

We grow large quantities to order (i.e Chamomile for a lawn). We may have spare so if you need some ‘now’, give us a ring.

(view details on online shop pages)


If you would like to buy our herbs for resale – have a look here

Thanks go to Theresa and Michelle for some of the images featured.