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Wholesale is available to garden centres, nurseries, retail outlets and the growing trade.

One off purchasers, such as landscapers,. still attract wholesale prices but may be subject to pre-booking.

Existing Customers

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New Customers

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Why buy from us? We:

  • Will deliver small orders
  • Will deliver small quantities of a certain variety
  • Herbs grown in wider and deeper (than usual) pots
  • Herbs grown in a soil based compost providing excellent shelf life and without the need of post delivery feeding
  • Herbs grown to suit our climate using limited heating and no artificial light
  • Don’t use nasty chemicals and rely on biological control instead
  • Grow all our plants (with the exception of bays) on our nursery
  • Our personal and friendly service
  • Our family run business

Our standard range is matured on our nursery and is not sourced from the Continent. EU directives stipulate a Plant Passport is required even for local supply. Our Plant Passport Registration number is: 32153