How many plants do I need to….

There is no automatic formula for calculating this as it depends on the exact variety and shape or length of planting area and general growing conditions. However, we can provide a guide based on average conditions.

Hedging. For a single row, divide the length by the planting distance and minus one

Lavender: Dwarf varieties can be planted 14 inches apart and taller varieties 30 inches apart.

Rosemary (suggest Miss Jessop’s for tall hedging): 20 inches apart.

Hedge Germander: 9 inches for a formal hedge and 12 inches for a loose border.

Hyssop (suggest the Rock variety for a low hedge): same as Hedge Germander.

Upright Thymes (Orange Scented is nice): 9 inches.

Fill (such as lawn) numbers depend on budget and patience!

Chamomile: 16 – 25  plants per sq m.

Creeping Thymes – between 9 and 25 (depending on variety) per sq m

An important note with Fill planting schemes. We can grow plug plants (small rooted cuttings) for Chamomile and Creeping Thymes. Plugs can be cost effective but to prevent weed ingress, we suggest planting more per sq m than you would with plants. For Chamomile we suggest 49 plugs per sq m and 36 plugs for Thymes (some varieties may require less).

Please see our plug plant page here for pricing.