Larger Specimen Plants

large-thymesThese are not currently available online but we grow thousands for purchasing at events or from our nursery. We have sizes ranging from 1 Litre up to 3 Litre and on occasion even larger!

However, although we do have many plants always available, to have a good supply of all varieties would fill our 11 acre site to the brim so where would our donkeys graze? Therefore, if you need a particular variety, size or quantity, we tend to grow to order. Please contact us for more information.

All large plants are, again grown here on our nursery but if we need to fulfil a contract, we do occasionally buy from another local grower. We are all friends in this trade so if we can’t supply for your deadline, we will always put you in touch with another grower.

Larger plants are popular for gardeners who want that ‘instant effect’, however, sometimes this can be costly. We are always happy to offer discounts for bulk purchasing.

Delivery. We understand that trying to fit 100 large herbs in your car is….um…tricky!  Arrangements can be made for local delivery or, if purchasing large quantities, we can send them with a specialist transport company. For details, please contact us.