So you have received your plants from us or you have just been to the Nursery…what next?

Unwrap your plants as soon as possible, make sure that the compost is lightly moist and place in a sheltered, sunny position until the time comes for planting. If the weather is cold, ensure that any tender varieties you may have purchased are in a frost-free place.

Herb Plants

All our plants from our standard range are ready (weather permitting) to put in their final positions (garden, pots, hanging baskets, herb wheels etc).

Our herbs are grown in deep pots with a soil based compost. This means that they have a very good shelf life and they can remain in their pots for a while before planting out. If the particular herb has a large root system (e.g. Mint), the potential for a deep tap root (e.g. Fennel) or is feed hungry (Parsley) we recommend planting these on into larger pots or place them in the garden a bit sooner.

Each herb comes with it’s own identification label which gives a good amount of cultural information. If you require more info, we can help!

Herb Plugs

Herb Plugs are starter plants (rooted cuttings). It depends on the variety ordered and the weather but quite often (especially in the case of Chamomile), they can be planted directly into the soil. We can give specific advice on ordering.

Bay Trees

If you purchase a small starter Bay, these can be potted on quite soon into 1 or 1.5 L pot. Use a soil based compost and add some slow release fertiliser. Keep the plant sheltered until more established.

Larger trees will tolerate a colder temperature (-4 degrees C) but it is wise not to expose them to a low temperature for too long. If we have a week or so of cold weather, move the tree against a wall or if planted out, put some horticultural fleece over it. Bay trees can be susceptible to damage in the spring when new season’s growth is hit by a late frost or very cold wind. Again, protect this new growth if we have abnormal weather.

If potted, feed with a tomato feed every 3 weeks in the summer. When potting on use a soil based mix with slow release fertiliser.

For pruning and shaping, please see our FAQ page