As many of you have seen if visiting our nursery or our show stand at events, we are rather obsessed with Salvias.

We all know the common Salvia officinalis (Sage) for your sage and onion stuffing, a group which we like to refer to as the ‘herby salvias’. However, it doesn’t stop here…… Therefore, the time has come to separate this huge and diverse group of plants and market the ornamental Salvias on their own.  Ornamental salvias flower continuously throughout Summer and Autumn and are great for attracting bees. Although the majority of the ones we grow can be classified as herbs (blackcurrant scented, edible foliage), others can’t, so to avoid confusion, we are now: Specialist growers of Herbs, Salvias and Scented Pelargoniums.
For purposes of the online shop, we will list these with the herbs and a soon to be included separate salvia section.

Although we have listed quite a few on the online shop already, there are more to come including two of our very own. One is named after one of our much loved Border Collies who sadly passed away in 2011. This is shown here on the left. A beautiful magenta coloured salvia, Merlin’s Magenta is going to be a favourite! The second new variety is a top secret! Hopefully we can sell it in 2019 but it may have to wait until 2020!




So here is our top 5.

Salvia Amistad – One of the most famous and most popular. Spectacular in a very large container or the garden.
Salvia Hot Lips – Brilliant name and one of the hardiest!
Salvia Merlin’s Magenta – Our own variety and just look at it…!
Salvia Nachtvlinder – Gorgeous deep purple/velvet flowers and a very strong blackcurrant scent
Salvia Purple Queen – low growing with violet coloured flowers.

All will be available from 2019 in 10cm and 1.5 L pots. Amistad only as the larger pot size.