As many of you have seen if visiting our nursery or our show stand at events, we are rather obsessed with Salvias.

We all know the common Salvia officinalis (Sage) for your sage and onion stuffing, a group which we like to refer to as the ‘herby salvias’. However, it doesn’t stop here…… Therefore, the time has come to separate this huge and diverse group of plants and market the ornamental Salvias on their own.  Ornamental salvias flower continuously throughout Summer and Autumn and are great for attracting bees. Although the majority of the ones we grow can be classified as herbs (blackcurrant scented, edible foliage), others can’t, so to avoid confusion, we are now: Specialist growers of Herbs, Salvias and Scented Pelargoniums.
For purposes of the online shop, we have listed these with the herbs but also duplicated the listings into a new salvia section

We have many new varieties for 2020 and many of these are already listed on the online shop. The exciting news is that we are launching a new one ourselves. Salvia Jemima’s Gem was bred my our nursery manager Michelle and named after her niece.  This variety has large velvety cerise flowers which have to be seen to be believed!  See here

We also have more bi-colours such as Strawberries and Cream and of course our favourites such as Merlin’s Magenta (seen on the left).

Salvias are excellent for pots and gardens. They will tolerate drought, have long flowering periods, attract the pollinating insects, look stunning and most are highly scented and can be eaten!

Join us with our obsession!

So here is our top 5.

Salvia Jemima’s Gem – Yes, we may be bias as this is our own (bred by our nursery manager, Michelle) but this variety is truly amazing! Large velvety cerise flowers and hardy.

Salvia Amistad – One of the most famous and most popular. Spectacular in a very large container or the garden.
Salvia Hot Lips – Brilliant name and one of the hardiest!
Salvia Merlin’s Magenta – Our own variety and just look at it…!
Salvia Nachtvlinder – Gorgeous deep purple/velvet flowers and a very strong blackcurrant scent

All will be available this season in small 10cm wide pots to large 2 Litre pots