Our Ethos.

We grow plants without any excessive heat and light.

The tunnels and greenhouses are only air heated to give frost protection to either very young or tender plants.
Reason – More environmentally friendly and it helps produce a stronger plant which results in a healthy and smooth transition to your home and garden.
Our propagation house is heated to a minimum. Air heaters are supplemented with under soil heat cables which gently warm the germinating seeds or rooting cuttings.

Reason – Although sometimes it is tempting to use artificial lights to speed growth, greenhouse grow lamps are not always energy efficient or cost effective. We think it is better to just use the sun! Cloudy Norfolk days can sometimes be a problem during the short, dark days of Winter but we would prefer a longer growth time than wasting too much electricity. Not only this but plants are, again, generally much stronger grown without artificial lights and one can avoid the annoying problem of buying a plant with very ‘soft’ foliage which immediately collapses when reaching a more normal environment!

Pest and Disease Control:
We grow as naturally as possible.
Reason- Certain artificial chemicals can upset the balance and harm the environment by leaching into the soil and waterways and entering the wildlife food chain. We have always been alarmed at how a previously ‘safe’ chemical for use on edible plants etc can be subsequently banned when a side effect is ‘suddenly’ discovered. So we use natural pest control methods. Sticky traps, biological predators, hand held vacuum cleaners and even a paint brush are our tools for insect pest control. Other nuisances, such as slugs and snails, are controlled by hand (night time torch patrols!) or by rehabilitating hedgehogs from the local R.S.P.C.A. hospital. Mice, shrews and voles can also be a problem – but owls and buzzards keep them away!

Plant diseases are prevented by using specialised watering techniques and providing a good fresh air flow around the growing plants. We believe that prevention is better than cure and we endeavour to provide our plants with the correct compost, feed and watering levels with containers large enough for a healthy root system. Most diseases etc exist naturally in the environment but a healthy plant should be more resistant to them. Given the proper care, a plant can thrive without the use of too many unpleasant artificial chemicals.

If you would like any more information about our growing methods, please ask.