We have designed our own hardiness guide. After years of growing these plants in pots, in the ground, in different gardens, during various conditions and seasons, we feel this is a suitable guide.

Every situation is different so please only use as what it is….. ‘a guide’. Each plant has a level from 1 – 6.

LEVEL 1 – Fully hardy UK wide

LEVEL 2 – Will survive an average British Winter providing it is planted in well draining soil.

LEVEL 3 – Hardy in sheltered areas of the UK provided it is planted in the correct conditions with well draining soil. Winter protection is advised in colder areas prone to more frost.

LEVEL 4 – Winter protection is advised

LEVEL 5 – Not hardy – Requires a frost-free environment over winter months

LEVEL 6 – Not hardy – requires a heated environment over winter months such as the house