It may be Autumn but there is no reason to stop thinking about your gardens. The seasons have changed and we often get nicer weather now than in the summer months. Morning dew and warm, clear days make for wonderful gardening weather. Yes, we all look forward to spring but why not plan for spring now. Create structure in your garden by planting hardier perennials in the autumn in readiness for the tender and annual plants in the spring.

We have a wide range of suitable plants from Hedge Germander and Lavender for border hedging to Salvias which provide last minute colour to the garden for this year and to establish themselves for next.

Why not buy culinary herbs now and plant them out in the garden or even in pots and you will have larger plants to eat over the winter. There is nothing better than a Bay leaf in a winter stew or Rosemary tossed with the roast potatoes.

If you have a glut of tomatoes, cook these up gently for a couple of hours with any herbs, onion (or even our allium quattro), sugar, garlic and seasoning, then freeze and use this as a base for a sauce such as bolognaise.  Don’t forget to add the Basil!  African Blue Basil flourishes well into the Autumn and beyond if kept inside.

Last, but not least, transform that endless supply of Marrow and Courgette with Winter Savory.  Yum!

Remember that everything tastes better with Herbs!