We are a small but very hardworking business consisting of 3 partners, a nursery manager and a small and loyal workforce. Like many other nurseries, our busy season starts in mid March and continues until mid June where it slows down slightly but is still very busy until September.

Delivering perishable items means that packing and sending orders has to happen all on one day (can’t be boxed the night before!) and they are often collected up by the drivers at 3pm so this only gives us the morning and early afternoon to pack all the orders for the day. We can also only send out 4 days a week (5 if you select a Saturday option) as we can’t have plants in courier holding bays over the weekend. Orders however, come in every day and all day. Therefore, at some point during the busy season, we can only send a third of the orders we recieve in a week. This will result in delays. During 2020, these delays were 4-5 weeks but we have leant a lot from this very unsual year and have invested to make this easier and we won’t go back to such delays again.  We provide a delivery schedule and you can see this on the previous page. This has reduced the need for customers to ring or email to find out when their order may arrive and this in itself has saved us a lot of time.

Please note that we don’t stop working and we get thousands of plants ready over the weekend. Also, all plants are grown here and we have to sow seed, take cuttings, prick out, pot on, water, provide a wholesale service to local outlets and offer retail from our nursery (back open soon!). We always do our best to get your orders out ASAP and thank you for your patience when we are at peak times.

Best wishes,

The Norfolk Herbs Team.