During the winter period, we may send plants that are winter dormant but what does this mean for you…..

1. Plants are in their natural winter state and may have died back for the winter

2. Herbaceous perennials can usually be planted throughout the Winter provided soil is frost free and not waterlogged

3. Other dormant plants will perhaps require winter protection, for instance Lemon Verbena or some of the more delicate Salvias.  The plant label will tell you if this is the case.

4. All dormant plants will quickly flourish again once the Spring arrives

5. Can I force a dormant plant? Yes is the short answer although we wouldn’t always advise this. Chives for instance will grow well on a windowsill but may lack flavour and vigour if forced out of season.

6. How do I know which plants are dormant? Our website clearly marks which plants are dormant and they are often sold at a reduced price too!

7. What will the plant look like? This depends on variety but some pots may look empty or have a small shoot above the soil e.g Echinacea. Others may have a old stem showing e.g Purple Loosestrife or be cut back with a few lower leaves showing e.g. a decorative Salvia.