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Basil, Greek



Ideal Pot Plant
Height: 9 inches
Aspect: Frost free, sheltered, warm and sunny
Soil Type: Free draining
Uses: Culinary
Care: Can be placed outside during hot, dry periods. Water and feed in the morning or at midday. Cut out flowers as they form.
Usually available: May to August
Pot size supplied: Grown in a 10 cm (4 inch) pot

Basil, Greek

Basil, Greek

Basil, Greek is a tiny leaved Basil with an excellent flavour. Very decorative in windowsill pots.

Plants require full sun in a sheltered well drained position, they really do not like cold wet conditions. Ideally you should grow them in pots or containers. We advise that Basils are kept in the glasshouse or on a windowsill. You can then move plants outside during warm settled weather. Try not to water in the evening. Remove flowers in order to promote leaf production.

Harvest young leaves from the top to encourage new growth. Always use sharp scissors when cropping.

This aromatic herb is great in the kitchen and adds flavour to many recipes. For best results add towards the end of cooking. It is famous for the unique flavour it imparts to tomato and pasta dishes.


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Product Description

This plant is grown in a 4″ (10cm) pot. It is ready to be placed (weather permitting) into it’s final position. You will receive an instruction label which gives you further cultural instructions.

Note: If the Plant is in season but not in stock it may be available in small quantities. please contact us for stock. Read more on availability here

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Whites and Creams

Ideal for Bee & Butterfly



Not Medicinal

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Full Sun

Herbs for Tea


Ideal for Tubs & Containers


Culinary Herbs

Garnish, Pork, Salads, Sauces, Oils and Vinegars, Soups, Vegetables


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