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Tulbaghia violacea – Society Garlic



Ideal Pot Plant
Height : 2 Feet
Aspect: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Soil Type: Well drained/fertile
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal/Decorative
Care: Divide large clumps in Spring
Usually Available : from April/May
Pot Size Available : 1 Litre and 2 Litre pots
Hardiness: LEVEL 3 - see 'Description' tab below

Tulbaghia violacea – Society Garlic

Tulbaghia violacea – Society Garlic

Tulbaghia violacea – Society Garlic is an exciting new edible addition to our catalogue for 2021. Named ‘Society garlic’ for the delicious garlic flavour it has but without the bad breath!

Not only edible, this wonderful group of plants is very attractive in the garden.

We also have 4 other varieties available: Variegata, Ashanti, Kilimanjaro and Pearl.

A fast growing, bulbous plant that can reach a height of 0.5m. Long narrow leaves that smell strongly of garlic when bruised. The tuberous roots will spread to form clumps of plants.

Attractive clusters of pink/mauve tubular flowers in umbels are held above the leaves on tall stalks and appear for a long period in summer. They too smell of garlic when picked!

Leaves, stems and flowers are totally edible. Add leaves to a variety of dishes for a peppery, garlic like flavour. The flowers are especially attractive as a garnish on pizza, meat, salads and soups etc.

There are many ways to enjoy these plants in the garden. Tulbaghia will grow quite happily in most soils but will thrive in well drained, fertile soil in a sunny or partially shaded situation. Ideal for drought tolerant planting schemes, it looks great planted in big groups for groundcover or even as edging along a path. Tulbaghia also makes a great specimen plant in a container. Plants will quickly clump up, simply divide in Spring if required. Hardy, but in colder areas a mulch over winter would be advised.

The flowers are also attractive to bees and other pollinators.




Product Description

This plant is grown in a 4″ (10cm) and larger pot. It is ready to be placed (weather permitting) into it’s final position. You will receive an instruction label which gives you further cultural instructions.

Note: If the Plant is in season but not in stock it may be available in small quantities. please contact us for stock. Read more on availability here

This plant is┬áLEVEL 3 – Hardy in sheltered areas of the UK provided it is planted in the correct conditions with well draining soil. Winter protection is advised in colder areas prone to more frost.

These levels are determined by Norfolk Herbs and are to be used simply as a guide. Our levels go from 1 (fully hardy) to 6 (requires a heated environment over winter).

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Ideal for Bee & Butterfly


Culinary Herbs

Fish, Garnish, Omelettes, Pork, Poultry, Red Meat & Game, Salads, Sauces, Oils and Vinegars, Soups, Vegetables


2 – 3 Foot

Herb Group




Planting Position

Full Sun, Semi-Shade

Ideal for Tubs & Containers


Width / Spread


Pot Size

1 Litre potted plant, 2 Litre potted plant


S, T


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