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Chamomile, Treneague (Chamaemelum nobile ‘Treneague’)


Height: Creeping
Aspect: Sun
Soil Type: Free Draining
Uses: Lawns
Care: Give a light roll in spring to encourage new growth
Usually available: All year but usually March to September
Pot size supplied: Grown in a 10 cm (4 inch) pot
Hardiness: LEVEL 1 - see 'Description' tab below

Chamomile, Treneague (Chamaemelum nobile ‘Treneague’)

Chamomile, Treneague – Chamaemelum nobile ‘Treneague’

Chamomile, Treneague – Chamaemelum nobile ‘Treneague’ is a non-flowering clone of lawn chamomile. A hardy perennial with highly aromatic feathery leaves.

It has a dense leaved and creeping habit that makes it ideal for a chamomile lawn. As it is non-flowering, there is no need to cut it.

The name ‘Chamaemelum’ in fact actually derives from the Greek word ‘Khamaimelon’ which means ‘Earth Apple’.  A perfect name for the delicious apple scented foliage.

The best time to plant a lawn is in late Spring when the chamomile is growing at a fast rate. The rapid, prostrate growth will help to suppress any weed seedlings below. Keep well watered during warm, dry weather. The lawn will spread by sending out fresh runners. Eventually, you may find that the centre of the original plant dies off, leaving a hole in the sward. Simply remove the affected area, add some garden compost in the gap and re-plant with a fresh, rooted runner from a thick part of the lawn.

We often have plug plants available to buy in Spring that are suitable for planting a lawn. Ring or email us to find out more.


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Product Description

This plant is grown in a 4″ (10cm) pot. It is ready to be placed (weather permitting) into it’s final position. You will receive an instruction label which gives you further cultural instructions.

Note: If the Plant is in season but not in stock it may be available in small quantities. please contact us for stock. Read more on availability here

This plant is LEVEL 1 – Fully hardy UK wide

These levels are determined by Norfolk Herbs and are to be used simply as a guide. Our levels go from 1 (fully hardy) to 6 (requires a heated environment over winter).

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg


Life Cycle



No flower

Ideal for Bee & Butterfly



Not Medicinal

Planting Position

Full Sun

Herbs for Tea


Ideal for Tubs & Containers


Culinary Herbs

Not culinary



Herb Group




Width / Spread

Under 1 foot


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